"One of the best closure days our school has had"

Impact of our Drama Workshop – Improving Writing through Drama
Jacky Halton – Headteacher Crofton Hammond Infant School

In March 2011 we joined with our Junior School for a shared session on developing writing through drama. This was led by Sarah Reid of HIAS. Sarah pitched the day perfectly and ensured that all of the work we did was relevant to both key stages and was completely cross curricular. She made the day great fun and her sensitive approach meant that those of us who were feeling a little self-conscious soon relaxed enough to take part fully. Now that a year has passed we are able to reflect on the impact that this has had on our practise.  


Impact of our Drama workshop

"I would highly recommend you spend a day working with Sarah!"

 Working with our Junior school was a really positive experience for us and has actually led to us sharing more joint closure days and in service training. It also means that the ideas that Sarah gave us will be used seamlessly as the children move from one school to another.

A lot of the ideas that we worked on were all about helping children to act out and talk about scenarios before they write them. Subsequently we have found this to be a key factor in the improvement of our children’s writing. What we are able to do is ensure that the children have the language they need in order to write once they have acted it out.

This has led us to use drama frequently as an introduction to a piece of writing. The children work in groups and act out the story or situation that they are going to write about and this then is reflected in a wider use of rich vocabulary in their finished work. 

We really believe that our extended use of drama techniques has had a positive impact on our writing standards which have really improved in the last year – across the school. We are now looking at working with Sarah again on ways of using drama with Maths. If you want to find out more about any of these strategies I would highly recommend you spend a day working with Sarah!

Jacky Halton, Headteacher, Crofton Hammond Infant School